FashionWorldWide becomes Closer To Fashion. Ready. Steady. GO!

FashionWorldWide becomes Closer To Fashion. Ready. Steady. GO!

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There are projects in life that make your world a better place. The energy of participating in something that gives you a strong feeling and accomplishment is precious. When you do something you love, you don’t even feel like working because there’s no pressure from above to make it happen.

That’s how I feel about FASHION. It’s an industry that it’s constantly moving and changing. This business is like a language that everyone interprets and understands it worldwide. The different points of view, the designers,  the models, the shows, the collections, the events and everyone participating in it is quite formidable.

Up to this point I was part of an amazing project called FashionWorldWide. The website was meant to give information on every designer, model and relevant persons in the business of fashion from the whole world. The platform was in fact build to create relevant connections between all of them and to make collaborations. The content included all the information needed regarding every entity involved in the process of fashion.

In order to make that happen, the tricky part was to make them meet online. Due to the vision itself it was pretty difficult to accomplish that. Therefore, I had to suspend it and to merge the page FashionWorldWide with This is meant to speak loud about fashion and my own view about the trends and street style.

Given the above, all the information from the project FashionWorldWide would become

Hope you like it!


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